moon 14This was taken high above Arnicar India’s art installation Moon a few days ago. I’m not sure how much longer it will be up so I hope you’ve seen it. I’ve read there’s a teleporter near the landing that takes you to other realms but I didn’t look for it. I flew up to this house which is fantastical.moon 4This is the region light setting which isn’t my favorite but I wanted to see the installation how the artist meant it to be. I’ve seen other windlights used by photographers that work well.moon 5There are lots of little places to pose, photograph or hang out. Here’s an old roller coaster that’s partially underwater. You can pick up a space suit near the landing and there’s a diver suit underwater beneath the roller coaster.moon 6Feeling intrepid, I skipped the suits and rested in a shark chair for a while.moon 7I also liked sitting on the plane. The combination of moon, ocean and fantastical pieces made it an enjoyable visit.moon 12I especially liked the house. There are birds flying above it with sheep and a small space ship in the front yard. moon 15The lower level of the house has artist supplies and a posing bench.

I hope you have time to go, if you haven’t seen it already.