hildegarde 1Here’s a lovely resting place in the middle of the sea in Hildegarde. I used sunset in the Lab viewer for these photos. There’s classic architecture, water and big sky here. It’s also on a sea route of the pod boats. One of the two boats above is always there, the other is a pod that stops for a few minutes.hildegarde 2You can climb the spiral stairs to a sheer-curtained space with chairs, a hammock, incense and candles. I checked several items and all were made by Musical Misty Mole.hildegarde 3There’s a pool, fountain and potted trees scattered about. The pool has water lilies.hildegarde 4There are a couple of other covered spots with seating including chairs for kids or tinies.hildegarde 5There was someone using the hammock when I was there so I didn’t intrude. One of the lower areas has a table with sandwiches and other snacks. There’s also a mysterious book called White Island Quest. I clicked on it and nothing happened.hildegarde 6It’s a great place to watch a sunrise, sunset or the stars. And the pod boat comes around frequently for an easy tour of the ocean.