Fanci’s Deep, the largest underwater community in Second Life, is hosting Open Week from April 5th to April 11th. There are information booths in the welcome area and you can pick up a free things for your adventure —  diving helmet, boxed submarine and mer tails.Snapshot_006

Some of the homes are open this week. I’ve actually been in the area before after crashing a jet ski last year. This is a great week to find out more about SL underwater life in and to explore.Snapshot_008I chose to use the diving helmet to look around. I read that there are dolphin rides, pirate battles and a glass submarine tour of 13 sims.Snapshot_010

You can also ride seahorses that change color frequently. They move really fast and are easy to steer.Snapshot_013

There are old shipwrecks, mer dances and pretty sea plants and interesting fish.Snapshot_017

The tour submarine went by and I could see in local chat that information was being given.Snapshot_018Skeleton fish were swimming by the area with the most shipwrecks.

The information booths include those for petite mers and mer-furs. It was a restful and enjoyable visit and a reminder of all the life in the virtual oceans.