second garden_014

About two months ago I did this post about The Outer Garden by bisou Dexler. The Outer Garden is still there and now has a magical second garden where I spent a pleasant hour earlier today.second garden_018

If you like decor, there’s a collection of fascinating objects in the old ruins as well as interesting details around the rest of the area.second garden_016

You can ride the old ferris wheel which has cuddles. There are place to pose for photos. To get there, you go through a station. There are rickety winding steps to climb to the upper level shown here. I kept falling. Flying is allowed and there are teleporters along with some charming directions about making your way about.second garden_007

You can visit by going through the mirror in the bedroom of The Outer Garden as shown in the photo below. second garden_001I first discovered the new garden from watching this gorgeous video of it by Spiral Silverstar.