These are photos I took on a very recent walk along some mainland tracks. The land was for sale at a reasonable price, objects not included.Snapshot_008I returned two days later, the land had sold and the chapel was gone. It was built before my time and I’m not remembering seeing any like it. It probably isn’t one of a kind though.Snapshot_009I’m not sure why I feel compelled to document some of these vanishing places but I do, so I am.

It looks to me like much of the future of virtual reality is being created for professionals with great tech skills and high end equipment. For able bodied and able minded people with disposable income. Snapshot_010I’ve never gone for long without finding something fascinating or at least of interest. If the day comes when there are too many barriers for me to be in virtual reality, I trust I will find something to focus on.Snapshot_002This story has a nice ending even though the chapel has vanished. The land wasn’t abandoned and this pleasant spot was set up a little ways off the tracks.

No SLurl today, but if you check my last post about Juna’s railroad park, there’s one there. Walk down the tracks in the direction of the train platform in the photo with the vehicles in it. In just a short time you’ll find this place. It’s on the left and a huge castle is on the right.

Rather than feeling like I’m wasting time, I relax and feel I have space to let go and breathe. It’s also great when readers find benefit in these posts too.