Juna’s Railroad Park in Spectacle has a fresh, spring makeover. From the land description:

“Set home to here! Just join the group JA Home Group and stand on the RR platform. Juna’s Railroad park is nestled on Satelite Way, Route 4, and the SL RR. Changing room and Cuddle Park available also.”

Snapshot_003You can pick up a bike to ride. The tracks between the station platform and the park are a SL RR rez zone. I sink into them and get stuck for a second or two and then hop out. Snapshot_005There’s a friendly cat running around and ground lanterns for when it’s dark. The last time I was there, Juna was doing land maintenance. This place is well tended.Snapshot_004It would have been good to know of a place like this when I was a noob on my own.Snapshot_002

There are other stations and places to explore nearby. Those vehicles have returned, as you can see in the photo. The ones I saw, including a bus, were running OK the last time I was out and I got home without getting run over.