farson 9My first visit to 1930’s Farson, I was impressed by the look of the place and I had a lot of questions. They have a decent amount of traffic; I was there alone at the time and not dressed for the era.

The second time I visited, I got to meet the owner who is gracious and friendly. My questions were answered. I had been cautious about blogging the place and have learned that I’m welcome to do so.farson 101930’s Farson is a roleplay sim. There are shop and home rentals; role play is required to live on the sim. The rules weren’t available when I was there; they’re being worked on and may be up as soon as this weekend.

At the landing are complementary outfits, one for women and one for men.farson 1This truck drove by while I was having coffee with the sim owner, Jogi Shultz, in the coffee shop. He also runs the grocery store.farson 2It is a newcomer friendly place. Period dress is preferred but at this time isn’t required for visitors.  Almost all the residential places are rented and they’ve started to get a great community with great stories.farson 3There is a strict dress code at the Savoy. They are having a grand opening this Friday evening from 5 – 7 SLT. The times for Saturday and the Friday after are listed too.

Schultz built most everything himself and it’s taken a while. I could see the care put into the build. And I think it’s a great that they’re starting out with a 1/4 sim. They can and will expand as they grow. Sustainability is important.farson 4

Shultz said the goal is to capture America as a whole during the depression and that the place is meant to have a Boston-ish feel. (The role play is set in Boston.)  farson 5He built the subway as a recreation of Scollay Square in the 1920’s. I had explored it on my previous visit.

In an expansion, “the houses will be poorer, the park will be a Hooverville and people will live along the train tracks”. He’s already looking at rebuilding the seats in the cafe.farson 6The date there is March 19, 1930 and next year it will be 1931. I was told there’s a rumor of a speakeasy being built underground. I asked about gangsters and violence; that will be addressed in the rules.farson 7There are Flickr photos to look at and a sim blog has been started.  farson 8And I’m going to take an opportunity to mention, Vestiary, a men’s vintage clothing blog that I’ve been enjoying reading for a while now. Not only is it a wealth of information, it’s entertaining to read.