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tickety-boo 1There’s a sweet addition to Cristat on the mainland. I first discovered Tickety-Boo the beginning of February when I returned to visit the area to the north. tickety-boo 2This looks like a great hang-out place; you can also rez demos of mesh builds when you teleport to the demo area. There’s an old couch you can sit on, out in the open air.

This cute little mesh snack bar is only 11 land impact.

To the north of here, in Pryeri, is Magic Avi skin store and Ample Avi shape store, which has been in SL since 2008. (They have a free shape for women.)

Further on is an SL Parks and Recreation Service Kiosk in a sculpture garden next to the Virtual Reality Learning Institute. Close by is a Gypsy Vardo Campsite, a house on the first parcel bought in Second Life and the historic CrossRoads Christian Church.

A newer addition to the neighborhood is Haller’s Bluff which has some sculpture and offers a LM to the Euclidia Space Planetarium.  tickety-boo 3When my biological agent is doing stuff online, I like to hang out in places like this. Yavascript Pods travel this road regularly.

Way off in the distance, above my head, that old diesel truck still hasn’t run out of fuel to smoke up the air. tickety-boo 4A few of the demo buildings are nearby. I’ve rezzed every one of the buildings on the platform and like almost all of them.