recently_001One of the new galleries opening this month is Dathuil. Each month they’ll feature an artist and their work. It’s on an adult rated sim, near The Chamber. The public is welcome to enjoy the art and the gallery.   recently_003This first month features the work of Whiskey Monday. It looks to be all recent work, some pieces not seen on her blog and Flickr account.  recently_004You can easily find her work online or view it here at the gallery. These photos are mostly of the building, which is an old distillery. It’s spacious and easy on the eye.recently_005Remnants of the past usage of the building remain. There’s a group you can join and a gift on the table near the entrance.recently_006Be sure to check out the upstairs too.recently_007And there’s seating if you want to sit and view the photographs or have a cocktail and smoke.recently_008