Isle of Grace_003All this newness, the new art to see and spring arriving on the showcase sims, sometimes I’m afraid I’ll be running around like a chicken with it’s pixel head cut off. There are photos piling up on my hard drive and in drafts on this blog. I have to remind myself to take a deep breath and stay in the present.

I usually visit most of the new nature builds and when they’re covered by so many great bloggers and photographers, I often pass on “working” at it and simply enjoy hanging out.Isle of Grace_006

One of the places I’ve really liked is Isle of Grace. The lighting suits me; also the variety and spaciousness of the place.  Isle of Grace_007I went at a time when there were only a few others around and it was peaceful time. The land description has info about sharing your photos with the Flickr group.Isle of Grace_011Fortunately for me, flying is allowed. Walking is great; you can see the details and views but I fell into the water on more than one occasion and also got stuck under a wooden bridge.Isle of Grace_017It really is a very pretty place and I hope it’s around for a good long while.

Isle of Grace_023