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grumps 1A friend gave me the landmark to this tea and coffee shop in Kiuek, on the continent of Jeogeot. It’s near the road in an area with a lot of development during the last few months. She happened to meet the builder and owner and recommended I see it as soon as possible.grumps 2Grumps’ Kitchen takes it’s inspiration from a real life tea shop in England called The Mews Cafe. I was given a link to a Drop Box with 33 photos of it. The builder of the virtual Grumps’ is intending to get the keys to The Mews in a few months. That’s wonderful but will likely be the demise of this virtual place. grumps 3There’s outdoor seating in the back. The parcel is an odd shape and I see that the avatar, Gurney Bracken, has done a great job of placing the tea shop on it.   grumps 4The art on the wall is cartooned photos of kids and grandkids. grumps 5I was pleased to visit, especially since I’ve been barely keeping up with some places before they’re gone lately. This sort of purpose, building the virtual place of a real life project, is one of the things I like about Second Life.grumps 7The coffee machine works. I got a mocha.grumps 8The view out the front windows isn’t too bad. I saw a couple of pods go by while I was there. The dangerous vehicles of AnneMarie O’Toole haven’t been seen lately. grumps 9Shhh….don’t tell anyone I let the dog in the kitchen.