travel_003This place was quite a find for me, exactly one week ago today. It’s on the mainland and not visible from the road. The owner and creator of the chapel were the same; it might be one of a kind. travel_002A friend had been in the area, clicking on the parcels of land for sale in the world map. I was soon teleported in. The asking price seemed extremely high to me and I expected the place to be available to visit for a while. At the time, objects were not included in the sale. There were donation jars out.travel_004Usually I go out on photo shoots alone. I took these pictures, intending to return for better notes and focused more on the conversation and the experience. travel_005I returned Sunday evening, intending to post this the next day. The place has changed hands, the chapel was still there and a security orb threw me out in like five seconds. I walked near the area to get the land details. Maybe it’s in renovation temporarily. In the end, I thought I’d show these photos anyway. It isn’t really my style of building but is a work of art I’d like to share.  travel_006Being on the mainland, there was the neighbors thing. The chapel is next door to a toxic nuclear reactor. My travelling companion derendered it; I’m showing the scene as I saw it. travel_007They used privacy walls around the area.travel_008It had a unique and peaceful environment. I like the wood used to build the structures.travel_009I didn’t have time to explore thoroughly. There were places to stroll around the grounds in contemplation. It looked more cohesive up close. I have this one last shot taken from a ledge near a waterfall.