monkey banana_001Easing into a new week and a new month, I could use a bit of whimsy. I’d noticed some wonderful photos in various Flickr groups of a place called Monkey Banana. Maybe well-known to shoppers, it was new to me.monkey banana_003Located on a platform in the sky, it’s home to [[RH]] Design House. Even when you’re not in the mood for shopping, it’s adorable, doesn’t take long to visit and there are opportunities for a great photo shoot.  monkey banana_002The items I’m most interested in are tucked away in the basement and I nearly missed them: Japanese umbrellas, cushions and a tea set. monkey banana_004It’s a pleasant place to meet someone for a face-to-face. A few of the areas looked to be still set up for the holidays during my visit but springtime is well in evidence.monkey banana_008I enjoyed my visit!