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Centaur's Hall_017Vintage Village at Verdigris is a wonderful place to visit. Across a wooden bridge from it now is Hall of the Centaurs by Haveit Neox. The architecture, welcoming spaces, art, color, textures and views make it a place I highly recommend.Centaur's Hall_002Poetry Way is a trail that connects Centaurs’ Hall with the sea. Region setting light was used for these photos.Centaur's Hall_015Along the trail are plants, art and great views.Centaur's Hall_006On one of the levels is a condensed version of an exhibit called “Future Goal” by Haveit Neox that was at Art India last year.Centaur's Hall_005I found it to be a perfect place for a meditative stroll or to explore with a partner or several friends.  Centaur's Hall_011There’s a pretty plaque on the wall which my squinting eyes saw as: “This glass lilac flowers texture is courtesy of Lilia Artis. She applied it to one of my deer. Then I took the liberty to use it more extensively.”  Centaur's Hall_013I will allow for more time when I return.  It’s a lovely place to just be.Centaur's Hall_014Across the bridge, Vintage Village is also a wonderful place to explore with antiques, shops and curiosities.