travel_002I began my walk here, on Hina Road. There’s steep terrain on the left and great views on the right. I stayed away from the homes but there are wooden steps leading down to the beach and I explored a little. The land seems to be group owned and for some amount of time so there’s a fair chance it will remain the same for a while.   travel_005Further down there were some quirky changes. These photos were taken several weeks ago and I retraced my steps last night. This sign above has changed to a more reasonable sim crossing warning. Someone’s been taking care of the infrastructure.travel_006There’s a rest area and lookout point for the Three Rivers Park District. I kept falling through the narrow bridge you see leading to it. I managed to walk on the ridge to the right of it in the picture; some of it’s abandoned land and some protected. It looks like the place might be more easily accessed from the other direction.travel_007You can see in all directions. Some new and heavily polluting buildings have been added since these photos were taken.travel_008Walking down from the rest area, there’s a bridge you can cross.  The middle of it and the middle of the river is protected, Linden owned. The bridge on both sides of the middle part is group owned and is for rent as a sky box, long term.

The first time I visited I could walk across. Last night I kept falling through. So I flew. travel_009Further along, there’s a dead end road off to the right in Vari. I’d taken it because one of those old Chrysler’s had been lurching down the road towards me but it followed me into the dead end. The roads have become quite dangerous and littered with wrecked vehicles.travel_010The gallery is interesting. From the land description: “This studio/gallery is custom-made to fit an irregular-shaped 512 sq. m. area on a cul-de-sac. It is protected by Linden roadside and has multiple hilltop views of the ocean.”travel_012There’s lots of signage further on and great views.travel_014The Micronesian Neighborhood Initiative invites land owners in the area to join them.  travel_015I flew closer to see what was smoking around this art. Several diesel trucks had gotten snagged in the jagged ban lines. Last night both the trucks and ban lines were gone but there are plenty of other wrecks around. travel_016The Gloomy Lunatic Asylum in Marunogere has been there for a while. Bats are still circling around and the place looks abandoned.  When you look further, there’s interactive pose balls at ground level and the first floor seems to be set for role play. Not quite my cup of tea but I do like exploring the mainland.