Slatan Dryke_002The Seaside Gallery in Nestor is currently showing a photographic exhibit by Slatan Dryke. An artist bio is available.

From the land description: “HOME of SEASIDE GALLERY, displaying SL Photography. Enjoy the view or dance on the deck. Sit in the Italian garden or play the harpsichord in the pavilion.” Slatan Dryke_001There are more photographs to view when you teleport to the second floor.Slatan Dryke_003The Italian garden is lovely. Slatan Dryke_004As usual, when I was finished with my visit, I used the World Map to move to the highway to explore the area. In this case, I landed under the road and was briefly stuck. The road is right behind the gallery and it’s easier just to walk to it.Sunday_002The view is indeed enjoyable. I also liked the photos.