Temprus_001The first two photos of Temprus were taken weeks ago after I saw a Flickr pic and went to visit. I found it a good antidote to a real life dismal day. From the land description:

“Welcome to Temprus – Home of Art in the Park Art Exhibits, Boating, Canoes, Games, Scenic, Relaxing, Cuddle Spots, Hang-out. We hope that you enjoy your visit.”

Temprus is rated Adult. Temprus_002When I returned this evening to make sure the sim is still there, I saw an art exhibit. I wanted to make sure it was open, so checked the avatar profile of a woman there whose name is also on some of the art. That led me to this blog post with more info. temprusThere are some lovely landscape pictures. This exhibit lasts through the end of the month, then there’ll be a new one, according to Ilrya Chardin, who graciously answered my question about it.

They’ve had a recent move which might be why there was no art set up the last few times I’ve popped in. This avatar really likes the garden.