Blue Falcon_002The land description only says “A Cruddy Joint”. It’s on Route 11 in Ironstone and I’ve been aware of it for over a year. While walking the road (and multitasking), I’d sometimes take a break, sitting on the bench in the rez zone nearby. I noticed it was always storming in the woods behind the building; one day venturing closer I discovered this place is a motel. Blue Falcon_001You might have even heard of The Blue Falcon Motel and Lounge. The owner isn’t logging in much these days according to her profile, something partly to do with not backing up data for her Dj stuff. The lounge part isn’t in evidence, however that colored square that can be seen in the field next to the motel, (which is advertising a skybox rental) has danceballs. Blue Falcon_003There’s no place to sleep but seating is available.After my typist had a grueling week of Important Official Documents to deal with, plus being aware of the RL news and wondering if she is of the same species as the newsmakers at all, she simply couldn’t deal with trying to fix being an orange cloud in the Firestorm Opensim viewer any longer. There’s no brain bandwidth left to go through the steps suggested. While she loves decorating the three places she rents, she doesn’t much care to sit there and mope.

Some textures in the fireplace were disabled on this last visit and the hovertext over the sheep, which usually says something like ‘Howard the Wolf’ was missing. But it seems fitting that the place would be getting more run down.

There’s seating out in the backyard, out of the rain and near some graves.bfm_002The windows are tinted pink. I wouldn’t try the bath since I’m not sure what that liquid is. There’s a tree out back with skulls under it, along with a couple of heads in various stages of decay. A disembodied voice beckons you…..bfm_001I sat there and chilled and did some catching up on things and felt more amused and cheerful when I ended my stay at The Blue Falcon Motel.