Denmark 1817_007Here are nine photos from my first visit to Denmark, 1817, a roleplay sim. We’re welcome to explore everywhere if we wear clothes of the Regency period, like in Pride and Prejudice. Denmark 1817_001There are two paintings propped up against a building near an obnoxious parrot. One is the group joiner and the other gives information about the roleplay, historical background and such.Denmark 1817_002There are many roles available, including military, royalty and villagers.Denmark 1817_003The Aviary has a small monkey that climbs up and down the tree.Denmark 1817_004There’s jousting, En Garde and various games in the castle and the Inn. The notecard gives a link to more information about the history and setting.Denmark 1817_005There were many rooms in the castle and I didn’t have time to see them all. The textures are beautiful. Good use has been made of Aley’s furniture. On one of the lower levels I found a complimentary coat for men.Denmark 1817_006Much of the roleplay activities will take place in the castle. There’s country side too, with animals and a small beach near the water.Denmark 1817_008A statue stands in the large courtyard. Titles are to be used as well as curtsies and bows according to the information notecard. Of course there will be intrigue too.Denmark 1817_009A gypsy caravan has a crystal ball and cards on a small table. It’s a time of prosperity in Denmark.

I wish the sim and the players the best.