island 5I’ve been seeing lots of gorgeous photos of Ansgarso in The Explore Second Life Flickr pool and I finally made time to see it for myself.  Ansgarso, or Ansgar’s Island according to the land description:

“A green barren Island, inspired of the Scandinavian environment. History, culture and nature in a mix with calmness and silence. The Church with roots from the 12th century, Café Viking in a viking house, ruins, harbor and runestones. (Sweden Sverige)”island 1When you land, you’re offered a notecard in English, Spanish, French, Dutch and one more, I’m not sure which.  I didn’t fuss with taking photos much but I love the build and can’t choose among them so I’m showing the other half tomorrow.island 2All the buildings are free to visit so you can enjoy the whole island. There’s a group you can join to learn of changes and possible events. The word “barren” might be used in the land description but there’s lots to explore.island 4There’s attention to detail and I felt a real sense of place. I always like to see animals in SL.island 6I know this place has been around for a while. I’m sure I’ll return to it again. It’s very peaceful.