Craythorne Hall 9Craythorne Hall, located in Phenix Isle is home to Clan Cavill in Scotland 1787. These nine photos were taken on a recent visit after I saw a January 18th post that the public was welcome to visit the rooms in the main building and the dowager lodge. Craythorne Hall 1The Marquess Craythorne hopes to open the homes again soon for a dinner and a ball. When I checked “search” inworld, there’s a group one can join that would likely send notices of events. The SLurl isn’t listed there; it seems you can get onto the grounds but the doors are either opened or they’re shut and locked.Craythorne Hall 2There are a huge amount of rooms; I didn’t count them. There’s period art everywhere, in the rooms and hallways, lots of art. Craythorne Hall 3I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the wallpaper, molding, tapestries, chandeliers and furnishings.Craythorne Hall 4I have no idea who makes all this stuff or where it can be found. I checked several items to see if some of the creators have shops.Craythorne Hall 5There were many items I’ve never seen before. I especially like the wallpaper in the room pictured above. Craythorne Hall 6I want to take the photo above and play in fotosketcher to see how it would look as a painting. Craythorne Hall 7This home really delighted my imagination. Craythorne Hall 8I’ve saved the Slurl to Craythorne Hall for last because this place isn’t always open to the public. When you notice that it is, I recommend a visit.