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Harlem Club 2The Harlem Cafe is located in Tenney on the continent of Sansara. It’s always winter there but the cafe is about 653 meters up so you can’t really tell. The land was claimed in 2007. From the description: “Live Music Venue Open Mic Jazz Pop Blues Country Classic Rock for SL Artists and Fans!”

Harlem Club 1

The audio on my SL laptop isn’t working so I wasn’t looking for a music club. This cafe happens to be near my winter cabin in Eaton and I was going for a walk in the snow through abandoned land, ever cautious of security orbs and the private property. There’s nothing at ground level so I did a search when I saw the SLurl. I don’t recall ever reading about the cafe.

It isn’t a huge place but looks appropriate for it’s purpose. It would be the great company and music that’s the draw. If you wanted to go for a walk you could hop off the balcony and fall to the snowlands below.Harlem Club 3

It was night time when I took the photos. There’s an informative notecard about how to perform at The Harlem Cafe:

“1. TP to the Harlem Cafe􀀁

2. Schedule an event in the Second Life Music Artists Calendar, make sure there is no clash

3. Pick up the Harlem Cafe stream information on the wall

4. Send a notice to Second Life Music group before the event

5. Plug in the Harlem Cafe stream which is always on, then have a great show!

The Harlem Cafe is provided by the Charitable Hearts, SL’s largest charity group, so please give a shout during the show and ask audience to kindly support their favourite charities. (Relay for Life, St. Jude’s Children Hospital, Oxfam, the Humane Society and the Virtual Angel )”