gothic 9Here are six more photos of RMK Gothic which appears to be gone. My first visit was last month and I’m appreciative that I got to see it. gothic 10I liked the architecture, the interiors and the landscaping. Some of the buildings were fine and others were decayed. It was worth looking in every nook and cranny.gothic 11There was attention to detail and lots of care and imagination went into the place.gothic 12Then there were surprise areas like the one above.gothic 13These figures in the castle cellar were really spooky. I had to lighten the exposure for this photo to be seen although it looked really great to be there in the dark.gothic 14And this is the outside of the castle.  It was a photo similar to this on Flickr that prompted me to go last month. I’m glad I did.

*Edit* There’s a comment to my part one post yesterday from Zee with the info that the sim has indeed been sold off. There’s now a mini RMK Gothic which is open to the public and she’s provided the SLurl. I’m looking forward to visiting soon.