gothic 7These are six photos from my splendid visit to RMK Gothic last month. I love this Victorian hotel! It was a photo on Flickr that prompted me to make my first visit. I recall this build got a lot of coverage when it first opened but I wasn’t drawn to going to see it myself. gothic 3Maybe it was because I’d heard it was a shopping area but when I finally went, the merchandise was unobtrusive to the awesomeness of the build. There are areas with different looks and ambiance and I made a couple of visits to make sure I didn’t miss anything.gothic 2I went in the wee hours of the morning on a night I couldn’t sleep and the people there spoke different languages than I do. I happily wandered around snapping pictures.gothic 4Last week when I started thinking about this blog post, I tried to go back and kept getting “no valid parcel”. Sometimes that changes a few days later but in this case it kept happening. It’s no longer listed in search. There is still a group for “RMK Gothic Sim” so I checked out the owner of that. The blog hasn’t been posted to since November. There’s still a marketplace store but the main store in the creator’s picks…..”no valid parcel”.gothic 6Now I have some good memories and pictures I like. If I hadn’t gone, I’d not know what I would have missed. Who knows what will happen with this.gothic 8Anyway, there are so many photos I like that I’m posting more tomorrow even though this sim appears to be gone.