asalia 1I like to see the seasonal changes at Seni Seviyorum and have four photos here of my recent couple of visits. The last time I blogged this place, the sim was under renovation again by the time I got my pictures posted. The theme this time is Alice in Wonderland and it’s either going to get another renovation soon or that descriptive word wasn’t removed from the last time. asalia 2You will need to fall down a rabbit hole and drink a potion before you can enter. It’s quite lovely. When I went back to check the landmark earlier this afternoon, the sky was looking kind of stormy instead of the blue skies in these photos. (I noticed it was raining and storming in New Toulouse this afternoon too.)asalia 3Asalia House is usually part of this build but I noticed it tucked away behind some large boulders. It’s still winter there. The tip jar was near the greenhouse so I didn’t feel I was intruding but I didn’t go into the house. Anyway, there’s a castle facade and other Alice props. I’m not into those huge colorful mushrooms that one sees in Second Life and don’t have shots of those.asalia 4I happened to be wearing a black and white outfit and got distracted with posing with a large black hat that can be sat on and also with these birds.