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These are five of the photos I’ve taken at LEA 10. Round Eight of Linden Endowment for the Arts includes Nothing Endures But Change by Whiskey Monday at LEA 10. This is a work in progress, with changing sets in which the public is welcome to take photos. There’s a 15 minute auto-return for props. It’s asked that any photos posted include credits to the sim or project. They can be submitted to the Nothing Endures But Change Flickr group.nebc_002So far my experiences have been great participating in this. It doesn’t take a huge time commitment, other photographers have been gracious when we’ve been on the sim at the same time and I like looking at what others have done interpreting the same sets.Victoria LEA10I’m not quite sure how this project will evolve. I know there’s a plan; all I’ve needed to know is that I’ve felt welcome. The SLurl will likely land you underwater or on an odd part of the sim since things keep changing. These pictures show some of the various temporary builds. There’s a group that can be joined for info. What works for me is to just check the place out every couple of days or so.Lingering in the Past AgainRegular readers of this blog know that I don’t like to fuss with changing clothes often but I’ve done so with this project. The scale is flexible regarding participation and I’d like to encourage you to stop by, play and share what you do.

LEA 10 

Nothing Endures But Change Flickr Group

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