umbral photography_013It’s still winter. I’ve visited Umbral Photography a couple of times. I thought I took a set of photos the first time but can’t find them. It was a great reason to go back.

From the land description: “A place created for photography, including seasonal landscapes, lakes, full house, animated bridges, free permits to rez your own poses.”

The house was decorated for Christmas when I was there. This location is where I shot the photo for my New Years Day post.umbral photography_015The light is spectacular and was different on the occasions I was there.umbral photography_001I don’t spend a lot of time on my photos. One of the things I rely on is being able to fly, which isn’t allowed here. There are some beautiful views that I didn’t feel I could do justice to.

umbral photography_004Umbral Photography is on Hydra Isles and is Adult rated. There’s a Bd/Sm Club in one of the corners, in a large building. The front doors were open so I’m not sure if it’s private or not. The public is welcome to enjoy the sim.umbral photography_005While I was there I saw high fashion photography taking place and I tried to stay out of their way. Aside from all the creativity involved in that it must take patience, something this avatar doesn’t have for that sort of thing.

I experienced less lag here than most places but everyone’s machines are different. It was still winter here when I last checked on Sunday evening.