kitely6I’ve been exploring opensim and using the hypergates. It works often enough that I’m still doing it although it’s beyond me how to explain it. These are some pictures of a work in progress on Kitely. I was there several weeks ago and didn’t get a landmark or take notes; now I don’t recognize it on the list. I did nothing to these photos and want to show them anyway.

The place had some of the most beautiful light I’ve ever seen.  That orange color on the walls was glowing lightkitely5The architecture and textures were gorgeous. I’ve been efficient when visiting because of a system where some accounts have to pay when they have visitors. kitely4This would be an awesome place to live. Other sims I really like are Vespers by Dot Matrix, Aquaetas by Danko Whitfield, a couple of Asian sims and Far Away by Miguel Rotunno.kitely3I just checked again while looking at some spelling and see that it’s Brooklands by Mat Mahogany. People are free to wander.kitely2I really want to see how this turns out.  Kitely1This was near the landing area. Seeing this makes me want to learn to build. kitely7