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nv_4I had a delightful visit to Norgaard Village a few days ago. I should say “nights ago” because I couldn’t sleep and went exploring after midnight.

I’d been by the place recently when I rezzed a train and traveled the SLRR on the east coast of Heterocera until it dumped me out on the tracks and disappeared. Not liking to be anywhere I’m not welcome I tromped down the tracks without venturing off them while admiring the views. It’s one of the way better looking mainland areas.nv_1Then a few days later I saw a blog post about the Norgaard Village Train Station going up. And there was a SLurl!

I’ve been enjoying Abinoam Norgaard’s Journal for a while now. There are lots of virtual travel blogs online and some include posts about the mainland; I find his very well written and it holds my interest, not only for info on places I might like to see but it’s a very readable record for the future.nv_2I found his blog on my favorite go-to place these days Second Life Destinations curated by Ann Owiti. No longer do I fear that I’ll miss out since I don’t do social media. I simply don’t have time to wade through everything. She does an excellent curation with scoops from flickr, wordpress, blogspot and the destination guide.

There are reasons I don’t have a blogroll on my page and I find it difficult to follow blogspot. I have a few bookmarked in a state of disorganization. Occasionally I go through the blogrolls of others which can take time. Some people don’t blog for a while or they write a few personal posts amongst the travel ones. (When I want to read those I page back through the entries. All that clicking. Ann Owiti’s Scoop Its have made my experience so much better! nv_5I enjoyed strolling around the village. I’d read there’s a meditation centre here and a cafe-gallery. The meditations are in a way different time zone than I’m in. As I said this is in a good looking area but also care has been taken to shield the property from things the neighbors might rez. I found the place to be delightful and was pleased to see some great POST buildings.nv_6My human had to go AFK for a while so I jumped up here to enjoy the view and keep from being underfoot of the livestock. Having been in a loner sort of mood I was a little startled to find people about. A meditation had just been completed and I got to spend a pleasant time in the cafe with Abinoam and friends. I was reminded there are many good people in virtual worlds and I felt welcome and included.nv_7I was also reminded that it’s worthwhile to check out different times to be inworld. This is a place I’ll return to again.