Derailed_001I hope you’re right on course during the first week of the new year.

In these photos it’s winter on this Neva River sim, Crash Boat. The public areas are welcoming for exploration; the residential homes are private.     Derailed_Crash Boat_001Nearby the landing is a restful place to hang out. I didn’t especially want to venture further when I saw how inviting this is. Derailed_Crash Boat_002Thankfully these turkey survived the holidays.Derailed_Crash Boat_003The residents here have beautiful views.Derailed_Crash Boat_012It’s a good place to take photos with a variety of scenes.Derailed_Crash Boat_013And this is one of my favorite areas with the cow and chicken.Derailed_Crash Boat_015Even with the off-limits residential areas, there are a lot more scenes than the few I’ve shown here.