Brunel Hall_001

The new Brunel Hall will be rezzing on January 7th. (edit: It will be closed for a week.) It will combine the best elements of the last few builds from what I’ve been told. These are photos of the current building decorated for the holidays. Brunel Hall_002

From the land description: “The longest running grand dining restaurant in Second Life. Dine in style in the surroundings of a bygone era. Brunel Hall has featured in numerous blogs and machinima for the sheer opulent surrounds. This is a self serve establishment.”

Brunel Hall_003

I like to stop by when I’m in the Academy of Industry area in the City of New Babbage, which is especially beautiful in winter. Brunel Hall_004

Brunel Hall_005

There are currently ten hotel rooms on the upper floors. On this visit I noticed that nine were rented. There’s plenty of information at the front desk.Brunel Hall_006

The bar is magnificent!

“The Academy of Industry is Second Life’s first builder’s college dedicated to steampunk, neo-victorian, and retro-futurist building styles.”

Brunel Hall_007

There’s also a pool.

Brunel Hall_008

This is one of the upper floors where the hotel rooms are, accessed by an elevator from the lobby.

I’m planning on going back to check it out once they’re all settled again.