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There’s lots of space to play in the snow in Wengen on the continent of Sansara. In the photo above I’m taking a break in front of Chalet Linden. There’s a rez zone nearby and a hangout inside the chalet. There’s even a group to join for people who spend time there. I was impressed by the art on the second floor by Sky Everett, who’s over 10 years old. Governor Linden has better taste than I would have thought or else he relied on a decorator.Wengen_3There are at least two ski lifts nearby with complimentary skiis and poles. I was quite comfortable taking photos and skiing in the outfit I already had on.Wengen_4The downhill slopes last for at least a couple of minutes which is a long virtual time. I was impressed with how great I am at skiing.Wengen_5When I was done skiing, I made my way over to the well supplied bar near the lake. There’s ice skating there; complimentary skates are available.Wengen_6The views are beautiful. Most of the time the skates work; once they weren’t loaded or something and I would be sitting in the air, even with my AO off. The views were still pretty; I just looked odd. With no one else around at the time, I didn’t fret about it.Wengen_7If you have time and haven’t worn yourself out, there’s a road that wanders through the nearby villages.