It had been a while since I strolled around the hobo safe camp of Lollygagger Lane. There had been some changes but the spirit of the place is still strong. What drew me to the area was a photographic exhibit by Ziki Questi at the Lollygagger Art Center. The exhibit is open through December.ZQ_001

It was my first visit to the art center; I hadn’t even been aware of its existence. I’d always been at ground level and center is elevated. I had a pleasant time viewing the photos, which are available for purchase and then leapt down to ground.LL_2The area looks inclusive to everyone. There’s a free dirt layer tattoo available for those who want to go native. LL_3There’s a beach for those who must be near water. I walked past what looked like small waterside cabin rentals which I’d not noticed on previous visits. There are also shops near the main highway.LL_4The wind was up, causing a dirt storm but I was relieved to take a break from all the snow I’ve been tromping through.LL_5After seeing some cute and odd looking animals I wisely decided not to drink any beverages or eat anything there.LL_6I looked around in the nooks and crannies. This place is older than I am. LL_7After taking these photos I rested, then snoozed a bit. When I woke up it was night time and I felt accomplished for having a good visit to Lollygagger Lane.