LEA21_001Here are some photos from a recent visit to Chaos-Kosmos by Giovanna Cerise. There are teleports near the landing for the different areas as well as information about the installations.

The first two photos are from “Caos”, the Algorithm of History by Daco Monday.  LEA21_002The next two photos are from “Oservatorium”, the Algorithm Between Fantasy and Prediction by Nino Vichan.LEA21_003I spent a little more time than I’d planned, sitting in the seats to observe the views.LEA21_004The last two photos are from “Live and Die” by Pol Jarvinen.LEA21_005Giovanna Cerise has an installation too, with a teleport near the landing. There are no photos here; I was running out of time and simply wanted to enjoy it. It’s well worth seeing and I doubted any photos I might take would do it justice.LEA21_006