New Babbage_1The steampunk port of New Babbage is a place I like to return to when I’m in a certain mood. During the winter there, I like to visit at least once. Right now I’m sitting in The Royal Scandinavian Tea House in Port Babbage as I type a little something to go with the photos I took a few days ago.New Babbage_3A little while ago I noticed that Designing Worlds is doing their show today about New Babbage. I’ll be sure to watch that on Treet TV on the web later in the week. I think it will be informative as well as enjoyable to watch.New Babbage_5This year I’m more in the mood for seeing winter in established sims that are in virtual existence year round.New Babbage_9I tromped around in the snow looking at holiday decorations and took breaks in the various pubs and tea houses.New Babbage_10

New Babbage is a community with events and groups to join.  When I landed today I saw a rezday celebration is planned for one of the regulars.New Babbage_11I ended my visit with some absinthe, always a treat.