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durangopod_014Magical winter sims are showing up all over the grid. There were several sims I went to yesterday to take autumn photos and construction was happening to change the season. Making a mental note to return in a week or so, I then moved on to some winter showcases but it was not meant to be. While lovely, I couldn’t get any good shots, things wouldn’t rez and I had trouble with almost crashing and that walking through molasses feeling. durangopod_016Beaches and clubs are popular in Second Life. Then there are those who choose to live in snowy country year round. There are old-timers in those parts; I know because I travel there. Sometimes I walk. Often I ride pods or trains because you can see things you might otherwise not know are there. durangopod_001The picture above is of the upper level at the Chamonix Snow Resort. It’s up (or down?) the road from the YavaScript Pod Station in Durango where I often begin a tour.  Durango is on the continent of Sansara. Usually I just start walking and hop on a pod when it goes by.  durangopod_002When you pay attention, you’ll notice that you’re welcome to visit some homes when the owner and their guests are not around. Above is the great room at the Chateau Chamonix.durangopod_004In the snowy country there seems to be many more roads and intersections than other places on the mainland. I get hopelessly lost when encountering the choices of three ways to continue. There are ski runs, skating rinks and shops as well as private homes.durangopod_005Like many places on the mainland, there’s a quirky mixture of styles and taste. But it always feels peaceful and not once have I met someone troublesome, which I can’t say about other places I’ve explored. durangopod_008Above is an outdoor art gallery in Svan called Yuki Koen: Snow Garden of Delight. The land description: “A quiet corner…Hiroshige, Hokusai, Hasui, Hiroshi Yoshida, and other Japan gems…”

Even though I rarely meet the inhabitants and creators, when I see their little worlds I think they must be wonderful people and I’m glad they’re alive on the planet now.durangopod_010Above is the Rogla Mansion Clocktower where I rested and warmed my toes and hands. There’s a ghost lingering there; you can see it in the upper center of the photo.durangopod_012It’s great that the seasonal showcase sims are covered by the many talented virtual photographers. The ones I’ve visited are indeed magical and it was nice to see couples skating and and individuals enjoying the views.

Above, the pod is taking a brief stop near a ski run. It was a serene afternoon for exploring Sansara.