temple_001There’s a zen retreat I visit sometimes. It’s been summer there for at least a year now. There’s meditation, tai chi, groups that meet and information cards in several areas. It’s open to the public, except for at least one private home which has a closed door. When I walk the grounds there might be a few people meditating; we leave each other alone.  temple_002One of the areas is Todai-ji Temple, “a partial representation of Buddhist temple complex in the city of Nara, Japan”. temple_004As you explore the grounds, you’ll find the area is made up of a patchwork of related parcels. This is located on the continent of Jeogeot, off Wellington Road, where I like to walk or ride a pod. On the other side of the road is a large area devoted to Kwan Yin.temple_007Some of the buildings are simple. The structure above is in regards to Tara Ling.

“Tara Ling is group land for practice and study within SL. If you are interested in meditating in SL, or have an affinity to Tara in any of her manifestations… join our group!”

When you walk to the back and up the stairs, you’ll find information and resources.temple_011Being on the mainland, there are some distractions from the builds of others around. Lately there have been a couple of grungy diesel trucks just off the road, crashed into the shrubbery and buildings, along with another questionable vehicle. Those trucks, along with tanks and such have been travelling erratically up and down Wellington. But acquiring a zen-like perspective, one simply takes that in stride, right?temple_012

This is a peace pagoda. When you step inside and turn around, there’s an info card about the pagodas, of which there are about 80 around the world.

My typist finds it helpful to watch me use the tai chi poseballs. She’s finding that doing tai chi is very beneficial for symptoms of cerebellum damage she’s experienced for quite a while.