nevertotallydead_2It was a surprise when I landed in this beautiful, wintry place. I’d used a landmark in inventory, expecting something else, expecting to spend about five minutes. Then I found I didn’t want to leave, taking a lot of pictures of which these are my favorites. nevertotallydead_1I hadn’t been quite ready for winter and have been avoiding winter sims. My typist had walked along the river in her city looking at the beautiful autumn landscape; then a week later about seven inches of snow happened. Too early.

This place was so quiet and peaceful. For me, it lives up to the name, Enchanted Escapes. nevertotallydead_4This is the Never Totally Dead location, which is what I’d been looking for. It’s one of my favorites shops that I revisit as often as I can. There are unobtrusive teleport signs scattered about for the store and demo area. The spooky old house is also a teleport to shopping.nevertotallydead_5Never Totally Dead is taking part in the MadPea Blood Letters hunt and I’ve seen at least two almost nude female hunters running through the frost here. nevertotallydead_6While I was there I experienced less lag than usual which also added to my enjoyment. nevertotallydead_7This sort of place is part of the magic of Second Life for me.