Isle of Serendipity_6I was in a mood to visit a seasonal and atmospheric place that still had a sense of warmth when I came across a photo of Isle of Serendipity. It was perfect for what I was looking for. The area for the public has great views; the residential area seems to be skirting around it and the boundaries are easy to discern.Isle of Serendipity_1There are small farm animals about, including some sheep that wandered into the chapel. Isle of Serendipity_3This is the third of Neva River’s builds that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. I like the interiors as well as the outdoor areas. This house is near the landing.Isle of Serendipity_2I especially like the sky and water. Since I don’t fuss with draw distance stuff and doing a lot of editing, these photos don’t really do the build justice. Isle of Serendipity_4The landing area, to the right in the above photo, has pictures on the walls. There’s seating nearby in which to relax and enjoy the view.Isle of Serendipity_5This was taken from outside of chapel of what I’m guessing are private residences. Isle of Serendipity_7It rained while I was exploring further up the hill but there is shelter with small stoves and seating. Very lovely place.