chamber library_1A number of additions have been made to The Chamber Library since it was first featured in the destination guide about a month ago. Like me, you might have wondered what’s so great about reading classics on notecards. It’s so much more than that.chamber library_2Nothing seems to have been replaced, rather an expansion has happened, a sort of tunneling down for more floors with additional authors and areas to hang out. Some of the added writers are John Keats, Charles Dickens, Eleanor H Porter, Washington Irving, short stories by James Joyce and Andy Adams and children’s tales by Beatrix Potter.chamber library_3People can gather to discuss works they like. Now that most of us aren’t being forced to read this stuff in school, it could be a reintroduction that could lead to reading more from our real life local libraries.chamber library_4There are already 35 pieces on the shelves by SL residents. You simply click on the shelf and a menu pops up for selection. The submission instructions are near the landing and are simple. Since Storm Septimus keeps tinkering with the library, allow some time for the submission to be taken care of. Just like the magic of uploading art and photos to put on gallery walls, your writing could be on the shelves of a library along with beloved writers.chamber library_5There are different themed reading and hangout areas to suit different moods. There are closed off spaces that look like room for future development.chamber library_6I like seeing virtual libraries and take the time to visit when I wander by in my travels, although I don’t think I’ve ever posted about any of them. Many have been around for a long time.chamber library_7I hope The Chamber Library will also be around for a long time.