Innsmouth_8It was just two of us, going to take some pictures, and the sim had a surprisingly large amount of people on it. My companion, less than a year old in SL, wanted to take some photos for an exhibit at Winter’s Gallery. The theme was something like “Heaven and Hell” and the photos were to be taken in Innsmouth.   Innsmouth_1I simply enjoy taking photos. I’d been to Innsmouth before and wanted this opportunity of going with someone who accepts that I’m kind of slow. Those brief, flitting, high-speed visits aren’t for me unless I’m disliking what I see and how I’m feeling.  Innsmouth_2The sim is gorgeously spooky. I lightened the exposure for these pictures so stuff could be seen. When I went back to check the SLurl for this post yesterday, I noticed that Day of the Dead decorations were still out as well as a few more hazards, it seemed.Innsmouth_6The prefabs of some of the buildings can be purchased, something I’d overlooked before.Innsmouth_10While we were there, well over a month ago, I learned that the sim was for sale and there was a meeting going on of people interested in saving Innsmouth. At the time they seemed to be doing well regarding donations. What the status is now, I don’t know.Innsmouth_3There were quite a few people gathered in the Opera House for the meeting. We peeked in and then went on our way, taking pictures.

Innsmouth, “a dark, New England coastal town”, has been around for a while; I think it’s older than me. I feel good about getting to revisit it, instead of overlooking it for the latest showcase sim.