asalia house_007Very recently I visited Asalia House to see what seasonal changes had happened since I haven’t been around much lately. It had a new look since the last time I was there. Some familiar decor pieces were in use again, which I like. The beach sand was something I’ve not noticed anywhere else and I’m favorably impressed with it. This is a small sim which I can more easily imagine as real.asalia house_006Much of the area was peaceful and simple. There’s a charming little cluttery area shown in the photo above.asalia house_005There were lovely views in all directions. I lingered and now I’m grateful I did.asalia house_004The animals paid me no mind and went about eating and gazing at the horizon.asalia house_003I liked the style inside the cottage.asalia house_001The place has many of my favorite elements and when my typist logged off she felt as though the time here was well spent.

Preparing this blog post yesterday, I checked to make sure the landmark was still good. Arriving in the water, I walked towards land and discovered that reconstruction is happening once again.