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lt_003Little Town by Cica Ghost has given me a little of the inspiration and escape that I used to enjoy while exploring Second Life. It’s my favorite of all that I’ve seen of what she’s done. I loved the textures and colors and somehow felt more comfortable with less movement than I remember previous works had. Little Town_06I used the region sun setting for these photos which have been cropped only.Little Town_08This is inside the ground floor of the delightful Little Hotel.Little Town_010There are adorable little cars to drive, places to hang out to have tea with friends and beds that are floating in the air, carried by balloons, if you should feel the need for a nap.Little Town_013When you go, check all the doors. Flying is allowed.Little Town_012I bought one of the metal birds and will look for a home for it soon.lt_001After exploring I did some happy dancing since I haven’t been getting much exercise lately.