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filters_1None of the people I communicate with in SL use the Lab viewer, which I use. When I’m logged in, I’m mostly afk these days and really haven’t been able to keep up with stuff. I see that I haven’t posted for two weeks here, for example. I still take photos and had noticed the LL camera window looked a little different but once I found where to stash the pictures I didn’t look at the other changes at the time.

Then one day I noticed that there were filters on the camera. When I edit my photos I do it very quickly in Picmonkey these days, mostly cropping, because I don’t have the patience or inclination to fuss lately. But I played with the filters one evening a while back. Now in the meantime, the laptop I use for SL has been in the shop and the other laptop doesn’t let me do much in world, although I log in attempt to do so.

These photos have only been cropped, using the filters. It’s been a few weeks so I’m not totally sure which filter is which. Some of them I didn’t like. The first photo uses no filter, I think. The one below is “autocontrast”.filters_2The photo below is “newprint”, which sounds like fun for roleplay newspapers and such. It isn’t really easy to use. It took me about five or six shots for each one that was somewhat good. filters_3The photo below use the “intense” filter.filters_4“Sepia” is below.filters_5“1970’s Colors” below.filters_6“Black & White” is below. (The sign on the building is an ad that changes.”filters_7Photos were taken at The Pen–a beatnik hangout in Bay City. It was the first time I recalled seeing it although it sounds like it’s been around for a while.

From the land description:

“The Pen, Bay City’s only beatnik hang-out! Grab a cup of java juice and jungle up in our shack! Hear quotes from the beat greats and hang out a while. We’re no red onion, we’ve got it all going on!”

It’s fairly easy to experiment with for newbies I think, but the ones that stay in SL seem to quickly get a different viewer.