coffee shop

This little coffee place was a regular resting stop for me while my typist worked on her laptop. I’d walk down Wellington Road while she was spacey and trying to figure something out. Then I’d take a break while she went back to work.

It’s connected to a store which has been there for quite a while in SL time. Late Friday night I returned to make sure the landmark was still good. And guess what.

There’s land for sale across the road and it had a flashing robot on it. I went to check it out and it shot me. I went flying through the air and landed on the road with blood spraying. Maybe it was a security thing, but on land for sale? Maybe it was for spice_001

I found this place the first week of it’s existence. It’s a 512 plot and I’m interested in those. It’s called Cafe Spice and it was still there as of Friday night. A plant pet store has popped up on the empty land behind me in the photo and there are other new pet stores in the area.

Just a little glimpse of the Mainland. There’s something to be said for exploring without a mission.