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China Grove_01I’d not heard of China Grove when I found it while exploring. It must have recently changed hands because who could possibly build the Great Wall of China in a week?

There was a lot to see and I flew part of the way since the area is larger than I first thought. It isn’t just for sightseeing though, there are jetski’s to rez, (I steered like a maniac), and also float thingies that you can paddle at a more sedate pace.   China Grove_02There’s a beach area and private rooms. (It’s a moderate sim.)China Grove_03There’s a courtyard with beautiful Asian buildings.China Grove_04

China Grove_05I had a little trouble getting around some places but your machine might do better.China Grove_06China Grove_07There are tai chi poseballs in a courtyard as well as a few other places.China Grove_08After walking all over the places, crashing my jetski and doing some tai chi, I relaxed and had tea while watching the sun go down.

And it’s Second Life, where you can mix-and-match your interests. Like building the Great Wall and inviting the ladies to fish topless.China Grove_09Pearl laughs.