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art_otiumA group notice led me to an art exhibit currently at Otium-Leisure & Laziness. The artist is Carelyna. When you’re done looking at art you can go down to the beach. This is one sim where there are always people about when I visit.esterwell_9_19_005So, sometimes I play in an art gallery in Esterwell. I’m a curator and forger. Much of the art was already there but I put out a few pieces from my collection for others to enjoy. There’s an event happening soon on the whole sim, calling for the participation of SL artists who are interested. From the notecard:

“Esterwell’s First Annual Nocturne: Art at Night!

October 3rd and 4th 2014
Esterwell, a paragraph RP SIM that focuses on the art of writing would like to invite the artists of Second life to join us in a special two day event which celebrates all forms of art and not just the written word the first weekend of October.

While we welcome all submissions, we would love to challenge artists to create concept pieces based on a poem by one of the writers here in Esterwell entitled Porcelain.

Artists will have 50 prims on a first come first serve basis, at no cost to them, to display their work.

We invite submissions of all kinds including music, dancing, painting and anything else creative. This night isn’t about us telling you what to do, its about showing who you are!

Below you will find a short application form which can be returned to AnnaDeLuca Resident.”

You can IM me (pearlgrey resident) for an application if you want, or ask Anna. I’m not really involved in the event other than getting the word out. I’ve been logging in most days again and am willing to help if I can.

It’s an opportunity for you to show your stuff.