home and garden_018My final raw photos of the Home and Garden Expo. These buildings looked great inside.home and garden_016

I stayed there until the wee hours of the morning, being fairly sure that I wouldn’t have time to return except to pick up a small house or two.

Any info you might need about the Expo or stuff you might see here can likely be found on your favorite official blogs.  home and garden_019Thursday evening I went to A Clockwork Spiral. Many of my favorite brands participate in that. The build looks great and I took photos. It was very challenging to see any of the merchandise though. It’s simply too small for me and would have taken too much energy to really shop this year.home and garden_020

Mesh landscaping is showing up more often on the mainland, I’ve noticed. Also more newly abandoned land.home and garden_021Mesh flowers are pretty.home and garden_022These ruins have stuff for builders inside. It’s really looking like my idea of learning to make stuff in Second Life just isn’t going to happen. My typist thinks that what used to take her three days to do, now takes her a week.hair_001Yesterday, I surprised myself by getting all chatty about my new hair. This photo is the best I can do in a reasonable amount of time. The hair, Mary in coal, has braids in it. I located the store inworld by looking at the creator’s Picks. The brand is called [INK]. The creator is Japanese and seems not to be super confident of his English. He doesn’t use official bloggers.

I found the hair by accident the last day of Hair Fair and have happily worn it ever since. I’m still liking my old avi that I’ve had almost forever. You know, I began SL as a raccoon avatar. I thought about that when I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy.

I have to be creative in finding time to be in virtual reality these days, which doesn’t allow me endless fussing about my appearance, photography skills or about my blogging.