home and garden_010

Here are a few more raw shots from the Home and Garden Expo, which I’m sure is being very well covered by your favorite official bloggers.home and garden_008

There were maps but I didn’t use them. I did the usual random wandering around, going back to ponder the small houses I want. Some of the buildings were too small to move around inside them.home and garden_009 This event seemed well organized.home and garden_011This is one of those buildings that look small on the outside and then much bigger on the inside.home and garden_012This is one of the homes I like. It looks roomy on the inside and just might fit on the 512 in Ghamb if our stride tests are accurate enough.home and garden_013This is what my current home looks like except it’s a sky box which doesn’t have the wall that the mirrors are leaning against here. There wasn’t really time to look at furniture. Most everyone else I saw seemed to be on a mission as well. Since I’ve been back from my little break, I’ve noticed less loitering in the few places I’ve gone. Most people have got their hands and plates full these days.  home and garden_014This is one of the larger builds, which I almost passed by. Inside it’s gorgeous.home and garden_015Here I am on the upper level of it. A friend just gifted me with this dress, so I’ll be wearing it until I have some good reason to change.

I don’t care for mesh hair and am happy with the hair I have, about seven or eight styles. The last evening of Hair Fair, someone wanted me to accompany them and I scrounged up the patience to attempt it. It was still full of people and the lag was horrible. Little was rezzing for me.

There was a vendor who only had four hair styles. I love this hair–Mary, in coal, by [INK]. It’s the only hair I’ve worn since I got it. Yes, I know you can’t see it in this photo.

The creator is Japanese and doesn’t need bloggers. There’s no marketplace store that I can find anyway. I get lots of compliments on the hair, although it’s a style that many women don’t wear for every day. It’s perfect for me though.

Tomorrow I’ll have a few more raw photos of the Home and Garden Expo.