home and garden_007Wednesday night I stayed up way too late at the Home and Garden Expo. In years past I’ve really enjoyed exploring it and this year was no different; I’d forgotten though.

home and garden_006

I saw about four tiny houses I want. They’re between about 24 and 70 LI and will work on 512 plots if the furniture and landscaping is selected carefully.

home and garden_005

Some friends and I like to fix up 512 plots so that may be how I’ll use my SL time soon, even though we love the set-ups we already have.

home and garden_004

I took a lot of pictures. It was difficult because I almost crashed after each one. Walking was a challenge too and I started flying later on to save time.

home and garden_003I’m sure this event is well covered by the official bloggers, including your favorite ones. I’ll post raw shots of some things I like with a little bit of commentary. Two more posts are scheduled for the weekend, which is going to be a busy time for my typist.

home and garden_002

My camera was aimed to avoid signage and kiosks. Almost everything looked really great. home and garden_001I’m going back to get at least one of the houses. We don’t know how to figure out footprints except by counting our strides around the demo house and also the property. But it’s kind of the most inspiration I’ve had regarding SL for a while.